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What is my favorite part of doing a painting? – April 5

Recently I posted this question on my Facebook page to see if anyone would know and answer correctly. After about 6 tries, one person guessed…. my favorite part is signing my painting. Love it when I look at , say ” It is finished” and then sign. It is like I have created something and is done.

I do love all the other answers …. I love thinking about what to paint next, if it is not a commission, I look in the inspiration folder – I have lots of photos in this folder and sometimes is hard to choose. So that process is not as much fun.

Once I choose, then I have to think of composition, what size, drawing or sketching, and then adding the paint and what colors to choose. Still  challenging and not as much fun….

Then I start to paint, sometimes I look at a painting I am starting and go : Ugh, how is this ever going to look right???? then I persevere, get away from it, come back the next day, and so on,  ….. not a lot of fun. But I do think of the place I am painting and the memories attached to it, and that is fun.

But,  then when I start liking it, andI start talking to myself  saying things like: “It needs a darker color here, this needs to be more defined, this needs to come to the foreground”, and I am adding the final details, then I really get happy and signing it is like putting that cherry on top…. Love it!!!