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Taking Commissions

One of the things that I do and love to do is taking commissions.  I can create a painting of your house, or the Church where you got married, or your grandparents home…. you name it. It is a memorable gift….

I have taken commissions from Real State Agents to give their clients as a present of the house they just bought; I have painted Churches to give to newlyweds or to a marriage partner on his/her wedding anniversary.  I have painted grandparents homes from very old  photos , with help from the person’s memories of that place. Once I painted the old movie theater by Robert E. Lee, for a lady who had memories of going to see her first movie there as a little girl.

I created a Christmas card for the Marriott JW with the street car passing in front.  Also I have  been commissioned by the Friends of the Cabildo to do watercolors of the 1850 House, Gallier House, Beauregard Keyes house, in order to create cards to sell at their gift shop. I was also commissioned to create cards for the Newcomb  Pottery exhibit.

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting all these  beautiful buildings and gardens and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I deliver them. It is a vulnerable moment for me, no matter how many paintings I do , there is always that fear, what if they don’t like it???? so far no one has told me that.

Check out my website for House Portraits and contact me if you would be interested in having an “Architectural Memory” created just for you.  I work from photos, that I go and take myself unless is on old building that does not exist anymore, or too far to drive.

House Portraits, architectural renderings, and memories are a great gift.