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Spring time – inspiration time!

Spring time is one of my favorite seasons, I love the new green that the trees show off, and the blooming of so many flowers. My favorites are the lavender and purple colors: pansies, Hydrangeas,  irisis. The Statute Garden at City Park is now gifting us with its show of irisis, don’t miss it….  My back yard right now is permeated with the sweet smells of Confederate Jazmin , I love this fragance…… My magnolia tree is showing some buds, too bad none are low enough to pick and bring indoors. Let’s not forget camelias, which have finished blooming by now, but offer a beautiful array of colors and types. I have been busy with commissions but have managed to paint some flowers here and there which I will be sharing with you.

By the way, I hope you got to visit the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen in the French Market and got to see some of my paintings. I got to sell two – Yeay! Thanks to the Pizza Kitchen for the opportunity.

This year I was dissappointed not to have participated  at Pirate’s alley art show during the French Quarter Fest. My grand child in Dallas was celebrating his 3rd Birthday and I could not miss that.

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