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New Orleans Art Association National Show and New Year Update

This year has started very good regarding my watercolors . One of my paintings was accepted in the National Show sponsored by the New Orleans Art Association : Gazebo at Longue Vue.
The show will be at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art in March and  I am very excited and proud.
I will also be taking a watercolor workshop with Judi Bett’s which is  recognized nationally for her transparent watercolors. I am looking forward to learning new techniques. and meeting new people.
In May I will be going to Spain to paint with Annie Strack , one of my favorite water-colorists. This painting trip had been in my bucket list!!! Looking forward to this adventure.
One of my goals is to do a Garden District series of watercolors this year. There is so much inspiration in this part of our city: gates, doors, windows , gardens …. I will keep you posted… If you have any favorite spots in the Garden District that you would like to see in watercolors, let me know or send me a photo .:)
Before I can get started I am doing a commission for Gertrude Gardner:  a watercolor map for their website… with icons in the different cities they service. Very interesting project.
So, I hope I have not bored you with all my goings and comings …. Is a new year and I wish many adventures and inspiring projects for you too.
I will be at Palmer Park in March so I hope  to see some of you. Come see what is new , and I hope you come see the National show at the Academy !!!
This photo is a watercolor of the Church where my niece got married in, which I did on her wedding invitation. A beautiful gift for sure! Keep this in mind if you need to give a present in the future.
Thanks again your support . Please check out and “like” my Facebook page Marinas Watercolors, and share with your friends.
Have a wonderful New Year! I finish off this letter with the watercolor of the Academy of Holy Angels Chapel.  This is my Alma Mater.