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Full time artist and loving it!!

Lots have happened since I wrote last. I was laid off from my engineering position on April 15th, and decided not to pursue an engineering job and give a full time artist career a chance.

First in the agenda then was to do a bit more marketing to be able to sell my cards, prints and originals in other  places in the city.

I have done well pursuing this …. since I retired I have acquired a few more accounts: Aunt Sally’s Pralines on Decatur, Paradise Cafe on Veterans Hwy, The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Papier Plume on Royal Street.  Coming soon Hyatt and Sheraton.

I was also commissioned by the Roosevelt Hotel to do 4 watercolors of the Hotel  to create cards for them: the two entrances, the Sazerac Bar, the Blue Room…. I am currently working on these.

I have been working on a Garden District Sketch book, and a Covington series of watercolors.

I have almost about 12 paintings on exhibition at the Coffee shop on St. Charles called “Between the Bread”…. really good lunches here.

I wake up every morning and cant believe that this IS my job now, not just a hobby or a dream.

My goal is to take classes and get better as an artist, and also participate more in the markets as well as enter juried shows. I would love to start winning some ribbons.

With the Christmas season here before you know it, I would appreciate if you consider my art  as part of your gift giving. My home portraits are a big hit! and you need to get your order in early before the rush.

Thanks for your support.!!