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Fall Update

I am so excited that fall is almost here. We have had our share of hot and humid weather and lots of rain. During this time, I have been building inventory for the busy season ahead as well as working on House Portraits commissions.Another project that I have been working on is a watercolors of  City Park’s Storyland which will be sold in the Botanical Garden shop in the fall.

I went to the Quarter today and walked down Royal Street and checked on some of shops that carry my prints, cards and canvases. Papier Plume is such a neat shop to visit with beautiful fountain pens, and writing instruments. They like to sell my watercolor cards since these cards take the ink very well, plus they are a great souvenirs from New Orleans or are perfect for framing. (All paintings on my site I can turn into cards, just email me and ask) I also stopped at the Great Artists Collective which is a fun little gallery with lots of different art from many artists. I have a small corner filled with my NOLA watercolors.

  While wondering downtown, I love taking photos in the Quarter that can serve as future paintings inspiration. (Look for Cafe Du Monde coming soon.)
Lately, I have been experimenting painting more on watercolor canvases, rather than paper. This makes me use less water and more pigment but I like it. Check out my New York skyline I did recently using this technique. I completed this painting after coming back from New York last July. I always enjoy touring the MET and sometimes wish lived closer to do this more often. Such great art and inspiration!!
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