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New Orleans Art Association National Show and New Year Update

This year has started very good regarding my watercolors . One of my paintings was accepted in the National Show sponsored by the New Orleans Art Association : Gazebo at Longue Vue.
The show will be at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art in March and  I am very excited and proud.
I will also be taking a watercolor workshop with Judi Bett’s which is  recognized nationally for her transparent watercolors. I am looking forward to learning new techniques. and meeting new people.
In May I will be going to Spain to paint with Annie Strack , one of my favorite water-colorists. This painting trip had been in my bucket list!!! Looking forward to this adventure.
One of my goals is to do a Garden District series of watercolors this year. There is so much inspiration in this part of our city: gates, doors, windows , gardens …. I will keep you posted… If you have any favorite spots in the Garden District that you would like to see in watercolors, let me know or send me a photo .:)
Before I can get started I am doing a commission for Gertrude Gardner:  a watercolor map for their website… with icons in the different cities they service. Very interesting project.
So, I hope I have not bored you with all my goings and comings …. Is a new year and I wish many adventures and inspiring projects for you too.
I will be at Palmer Park in March so I hope  to see some of you. Come see what is new , and I hope you come see the National show at the Academy !!!
This photo is a watercolor of the Church where my niece got married in, which I did on her wedding invitation. A beautiful gift for sure! Keep this in mind if you need to give a present in the future.
Thanks again your support . Please check out and “like” my Facebook page Marinas Watercolors, and share with your friends.
Have a wonderful New Year! I finish off this letter with the watercolor of the Academy of Holy Angels Chapel.  This is my Alma Mater.
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Fall Update

I am so excited that fall is almost here. We have had our share of hot and humid weather and lots of rain. During this time, I have been building inventory for the busy season ahead as well as working on House Portraits commissions.Another project that I have been working on is a watercolors of  City Park’s Storyland which will be sold in the Botanical Garden shop in the fall.

I went to the Quarter today and walked down Royal Street and checked on some of shops that carry my prints, cards and canvases. Papier Plume is such a neat shop to visit with beautiful fountain pens, and writing instruments. They like to sell my watercolor cards since these cards take the ink very well, plus they are a great souvenirs from New Orleans or are perfect for framing. (All paintings on my site I can turn into cards, just email me and ask) I also stopped at the Great Artists Collective which is a fun little gallery with lots of different art from many artists. I have a small corner filled with my NOLA watercolors.

  While wondering downtown, I love taking photos in the Quarter that can serve as future paintings inspiration. (Look for Cafe Du Monde coming soon.)
Lately, I have been experimenting painting more on watercolor canvases, rather than paper. This makes me use less water and more pigment but I like it. Check out my New York skyline I did recently using this technique. I completed this painting after coming back from New York last July. I always enjoy touring the MET and sometimes wish lived closer to do this more often. Such great art and inspiration!!
Thanks for visiting my website and for your support.
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Happy New Year!

Well, I can’t believe we are in the 2nd month of 2016 already. Hope that you are still keeping your resolutions if you made some. I do resolutions everyday, that way is not so overwhelming to keep them for a whole year… so for a day I can say today I am going to exercise, read and send a card to a friend…. and that is easy to do. Day by Day I do this and it works and keeps me feeling like I am not failing….

I have been really busy supplying all my clients with inventory… the Christmas season was a good one for sales. In addition I have been  building inventory and organizing my studio.

I attended a “Painting Seascapes in Watercolor” workshop with Annie Strack last weekend and it was amazing…. lots of work, lots of learning and lots of fun.

Starting the year I received three new commissions by the owner of Aquatic Gardens. I just completed the first one: a watercolor of the building at Aquatic Gardens which was designed by the owner. He also remodels and flips house and the other 2 watercolors are of houses he has renovated. One is of a camel-back that is a beauty, can’t wait to start on this one.

I will be participating in the Pirates Alley art show sponsored by the New Orleans Art Association during the French Quarter Fest. Looking forward to sharing my new paintings.

Check out my portfolio for new paintings.

Most of my paintings you can get in prints. Message me if you are interested.

I also take commissions for House Portraits.

Thank you for your support.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Can’t believe the end of 2015 is here!!

Thanks to all my fans who have given me support either by commenting on my work or buying prints, cards, originals.

After I retired from my Engineering profession in April I have done a lot of painting and have participated in several markets and events.

I am looking forward to the next year starting it with a work shop by my friend and award winning artist Annie Strack and in  May I am also taking a work shop with

Alvaro Castagnet – award winning urban watercolor artist.

Still time to order Christmas cards. 10% off the regular price when you order from the website.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!! Wishing you the best this coming year!

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October Newsletter – What is new?

Happy Fall Everyone: with fall and the good weather, art markets are popping up everywhere!! I love going to art markets and buying art…. yes I buy other artist’s art and I love the collection  on my walls. I remember my first art market in Algiers Point sponsored by Artina. I was so excited when I made a sale… then to a good friend. As I participated in more art markets especially in the By Water area, I started selling to other people – not friends and relatives- and that felt so good.  I will be participating in Palmer Park art market this coming November the weekend after Thanksgiving. I hope you can come see me and other artists… it is really a treat!! I will be in the New Orleans Art Association tent.

I will also be participating in an Art exhibit by the West bank Art Guild at St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Algiers from Nov. 7th thru the 15th. On the 7th from noon to 4 p.m. there will be a reception to meet all 29 artists. It should be a very good time: wine and good food.

On Nov. 21st from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m I will be at Aunt Sally’s on Decatur. I will be signing prints and doing demos of how I do my watercolors. If you are in the French Quarter come on by and see me.

Remember I have Christmas cards available. Check out the tab under Christmas paintings in my website for a  look. This year I have a little girl- very much like my grand daughter – hanging a Fleur de Lis ornament on a tree – you can see that thru a New Orleans style type window.

House Portraits commissions are keeping me busy as well . Put in your order if you want one for this Christmas.

Lastly, I was fortunate to be able to go to France this past September for a wonderful vacation. I will be sharing some of my Paris  and Provence paintings in the near future.

Thanks for checking my website and for your support.


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Full time artist and loving it!!

Lots have happened since I wrote last. I was laid off from my engineering position on April 15th, and decided not to pursue an engineering job and give a full time artist career a chance.

First in the agenda then was to do a bit more marketing to be able to sell my cards, prints and originals in other  places in the city.

I have done well pursuing this …. since I retired I have acquired a few more accounts: Aunt Sally’s Pralines on Decatur, Paradise Cafe on Veterans Hwy, The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Papier Plume on Royal Street.  Coming soon Hyatt and Sheraton.

I was also commissioned by the Roosevelt Hotel to do 4 watercolors of the Hotel  to create cards for them: the two entrances, the Sazerac Bar, the Blue Room…. I am currently working on these.

I have been working on a Garden District Sketch book, and a Covington series of watercolors.

I have almost about 12 paintings on exhibition at the Coffee shop on St. Charles called “Between the Bread”…. really good lunches here.

I wake up every morning and cant believe that this IS my job now, not just a hobby or a dream.

My goal is to take classes and get better as an artist, and also participate more in the markets as well as enter juried shows. I would love to start winning some ribbons.

With the Christmas season here before you know it, I would appreciate if you consider my art  as part of your gift giving. My home portraits are a big hit! and you need to get your order in early before the rush.

Thanks for your support.!!


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Happy New Year 2015!!

It has been a while since I have written in this blog, but with this new year I am full of good artistic intentions and challenging goals.

Last year I went on a river cruise in the Rhine River and visited many picturesque towns in Germany and France, I am planning to paint one painting a month from this wonderful trip.

I did do a few sketches, and I have been keeping a watercolor sketch journal. I love doing this and many times is the last thing I do in the day before going to bed. I sit on the sofa with my sketch book, and small watercolor set and sketch away something of the day. Quick, small studies, but they tell a story.

I also want to have an exhibition in the summer, and I am looking for a venue I can use to do this.

Remember that you can shop by going to my website, and during the month of March you can commission me to do a watercolor painting of your home and you receive 20% off.

Refer your friends to my website. I really appreciate your business.